“Fast & Furious”

TenGoRecently on his forum at Learning in Hand, Tony Vincent posted about a woman who describes herself as “fast and furious” because of the speed in which she types on a handheld using software called TenGo. TenGo ($$) is available for both the Windows Mobile and Palm operating systems. For the purposes of this moblog [see my About page] this might be quite handy.

I wonder if anyone has used this in a classroom yet? While being fast & the furious may not be desired, how do students take to this?


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  1. Ian Marsden on

    I downloaded the trial version after seeing Tony’s forum…I think it is great. Still getting used to it…..sort of like using the predictive text method for text messages on mobile phones.

    I would like to see it used in the classroom……..it would make things alot quicker for those without keyboards, cheaper than buying keyboards too. I think the students would pick it up pretty quickly (a lot quicker than myself).

  2. mobilemind on

    I agree, a lot of students take to these things quite quickly. I plan to try the demo. I type this as I fumble with my Axim’s keyboard. 🙂 I do use WM’s keyboard feature that allows me to chose from predictive words. It will be interesting to see how different the two are.

    I will hopefully be working with a teacher soon that obtained a class set (30) of HP handhelds. They are 4th graders and I am sure they will run with it. Maybe I should do a little research project with them?

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