iFight is on!

Microsoft has finally decided to take on the iPod head on and develop their own audio and video device to compete with Apple. This New York Times article is worth a read, not just to learn about a possible device from Microsoft, but what may come in the future. There is, you know, mention of a new Apple device with wireless connectivity “waiting in the wings”.

So, the debate between the iPod and the handheld takes another interesting turn. I thought these devices were on a path of merging together (iPods becoming more handheldesque and vice versa) but those of us in education are usually the last to learn of these sorts of things. Yet, this is an indication that different, function specific devices are in demand. I think the sleekness and ease of use of the iPod is extremely tough to contend with. I’m sure that if Apple does have a wireless device in the making, it will include some mobile version of iTunes as well. Makes sense, doesn’t it.

Okay, what does this mean for education then? Well, I’m not sure. This one threw me for a loop. What do you think?


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  1. Andres on

    Hi Brian, did you check out my last email ?

  2. rob on

    Hi Brian
    Big question! I think the consumer demand…as usual will decide what will be produced. I was in Best Buy recently and noticed the lack of handheld devices compared to past. The merge of phone, camera, handheld, wireless, mp3 appears to be the trend. So, kids will have that tool in school. Districts will have to create governance for use.

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