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We’re Moving

I’ve begun my migration to a new location, albeit not my own hosted server.  I’ve decided to use as my blogging platform for a couple of reasons.

  1. Time – After some thought, I don’t think I’d have the time to do a better job blogging while maintaining a hosted site of my own here at home.
  2. Consistency – I also thought it was better to use a tool that more and more of our educators are using and what we teach the participants in our workshops.  While we share different blogging tools, we tend to offer the EduBlogs solution by default.

As for Mobilemind-ed, I still have a strong belief that mobile technology is an important area in education .  Despite the misunderstood use of cellphones, iPods, and handheld computers in our schools these devices will continue to transform learning in and out of the brick and mortar of our schools. I plan to continue writing in the same fashion on various mobile devices at my new blog location…

If you have subscribed to the MobileMind-ed feed, Thank You!  I hope you will also subscribe to my new feed:




Contemplating MobileMind-ed’s Future

Upon returning from NECC in Atlanta last month, I have been resting up as well as tracking the online info regarding the conference. In doing so, I have been reflecting much more about my online presence. Over the past two years as an instructional technology specialist, my colleague and I have thought that we should create a space for our fellow ITS’ to collaborate on. This has not happened and I now admit if you build it and simply tell them about it (even use it in front of them) they simply will not come to use the tool.

Thus, I am thinking of writing more in a blog, either this one or another. I hate the thought of having to start another blog as I have started a few in the past. So, my thought is to roll this one into a blog about teaching and learning with technology and not solely on mobile devices for learning. There will still be that mobile learning presence in the blog, but it will be so much more. As you can imagine I don’t want to be limited within this blog and I don’t want to have several blogs dedicated to just one topic within the realm of learning with technology.

I’d love to read your thoughts on this as I contemplate the future of this blog. I am going to start posting to this a bit more regularly and you will see some changes. I’ve waited long enough to do this and I’m looking forward to connecting with you and more in the future.